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Our products are formulated for nutrition that suits your cats’ size, age, lifestyle and breed. We develop diets based on a nutritional profile with ingredients and nutrients that meet those needs.

As a breeder, you know better than anyone the importance of having precise nutrition for your cats to help them maintain a healthy life from birth and growth to senior age.

Every nutrient in every Royal Canin diet has been meticulously tested and precisely combined in the right proportions to meet the specific needs of cats depending on their lifestyle, breed, age and special requirements.

A Lifetime of Nutrition

Royal Canin is and always has been committed to supporting cat breeders and professionals. The foundation of our brand relies on close collaboration with breeders to provide the best nutritional answers for cats.

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Royal Canin offers specific products for Breeders including our Mother and Babycat for pregnant queens and weaning kittens.