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Breeders Club Membership Requirements

  • Abide by cattery and breeding standards as defined by your governing body, and in accordance with any state and federal laws, especially in relation to animal welfare
  • Abide by the Mars Animal Welfare Policy
  • Have a minimum of four cats, two of which must be breeding queens
  • Have a registered breeding prefix
  • Hold a current or financial membership with an existing, recognised national governing body which is a member of the World Cat Congress
  • Exclusively feed and recommend Royal Canin®
  • Distribute Royal Canin® Kitten Recommendation Packs to each new pet owner

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We have been breeding Persian and Exotic cats for over 30 years. In that time we have tried a number of different products but we still come back to Royal Canin. We use Babycat, Kitten and Persian products for our cats, with the Persian product specifically produced for Persian cats and their needs. Our kittens and cats have no problems digesting Royal Canin whether dry or softened. The Royal Canin Breeders Club also supports us with kitten packs to give to our new owners.

Grace and Joe Apap Glamorgan Cattery
Grace and Joe Apap