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Layla 2019

Carissa Dyett

Bahati Cattery

“I have been feeding Hair and Skin to my cats for approximately seven years.  

Layla is my most successful show cat (probably up there with one of the most successful in Australia of recent times!).  She has won multiple Cat of The Year awards over the years and she was awarded Supreme Group Three entire at the 2019 ACF National cat show in Sydney.  She has won countless Supreme awards, including Supreme Shorthair Entire at the 2016 Royal Queensland Show.”


Pamela Lanigan

Cuddleton Cattery

“I have bred and exhibited British Shorthairs under the Cuddleton prefix for over fifteen years. Right from the beginning Royal Canin has been a true nutrition partner to my cats.  I have breeding cats, kittens, older retired cats and some cats with special needs. Royal Canin has a diet for each and every one of them including the wonderful Breed Spedific diet for British Shorthair cats.  It's loved by myself and owners of my cats alike.  Royal Canin has a great kitten program that gives me the confidence that the kittens I breed will have a really good start in life.  I also love how well my cats stay in condition for showing and breeding.  Choosing Royal Canin is an investment that pays off in the health and beauty of your cats. A winning combination. ”

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