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At Royal Canin, we live by the conviction that cats (and dogs) are not like humans. They are unique, with unique nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own.

Royal Canin make the most precise nutrition for cats based on breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, digestion, genetic makeup - and to address other specific needs.

A Partner At Your Side

As a breeder, your primary goals are the health of your cats and the success of your breeding program. To help you achieve these objectives, you can rely on the specifically developed nutritional solutions provided by Royal Canin.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Simplified in 8 Key Points:

Why we are different

Maintain coat beauty and condition with a complex of vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids – all ideal nutrients for cats being shown.


Prepare your queens for healthy gestation and lactation with specific products rich in energy and mineral salts to ensure a successful outcome.


Protect your cats’ health throughout their lives and ensure their longevity, thanks to nutrient complexes rich in fatty acids (including omega 3s).


Satisfy your cats’ appetite with exclusive aromas specially selected to enhance palatability. The high quality and structure of our packaging guarantees product freshness, nutrient integrity and overall palatability.

Balanced Diet

Maintain ideal weight to preserve your animals’ health and physical condition with highly digestible proteins and a moderate intake of fat.


Support healthy kitten growth, with antioxidants including taurine, lutein, vitamins C and E that are essential for the development of their immune system.


Optimise digestive health with the inclusion of highly digestible proteins, prebiotics and fish oil that improve the quality and limit the volume of stools produced.

Precise Nutrition

Provide precise nutritional solutions for individual breeds and life-stage by adjusting each nutritional formula to meet their specific needs. For example, glucosamine and chondroitin are added to the Maine Coon diet to help support the joints of this large cat breed. The inclusion of an exclusive skin complex in the Persian diet helps support the skin’s barrier role and promote a healthy shiny coat.

Breed specific diets available in Australia include British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll and Siamese.

Royal Canin Breeders Club

The Royal Canin Breeders Club is available exclusively for responsible cat breeders and offers members many benefits designed to cater to the specific needs of your cats in one place. This includes the latest science-based educational articles, special pricing, easy ordering and exclusive breeder products.