Cat Reproduction

The cat is known to be a prolific species with juvenile cats reaching sexual maturity often before 6 months of age.

Reproduction is one of the essential roles of any successful breeding cattery. Its success, however, is generally dependant on getting key elements, including: cattery environment, maintaining hygiene, managing stress, and organisation of the kittening area.

In this section, you will find articles addressing the key elements to help you master the art of successful breeding!

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Spermogram in cats, feasible or not?

Spermogram in cats
The analysis of semen is a laboratory test performed on a semen sample to evaluate a breeding cat’s fertility potential. It is not as easy to...

Artificial Insemination in Cats

Artificial insemination in cats
New artificial insemination techniques in cats are now being implemented. In this article, our expert, Emmanuel Fontaine explains the current options...

How to choose stud cats?

Feline reproduction
Picking a kitten or a cat as a future breeding stud prospect can be a challenging task. It requires some research and patience to find a suitable...