MOTHER and Babycat

1st age kittens from 1 to 4 months old -gestating & lactating queen

natural defences

Between 4 and 12 weeks after birth, the immunity transmitted by the mother decreases gradually. MOTHER & Babycat helps support the 1st age kitten's natural defences thanks to prebiotics and a complex of antioxidants.

digestive health

At birth, the kitten's digestive system is immature and it develops gradually over several weeks. That is why it is essential to support digestive health during the growth phase. MOTHER & Babycat contributes to promoting digestive health thanks to highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.) and prebiotics (FOS, MOS).

special easy weaning

Weaning is the transition from milk (mother's milk or milk replacer feed) to solid food. A very small kibble, with a texture adapted to the 1st age kitten's jaw and milk teeth, helps facilitate food intake and stimulate appetite. The product can be rehydrated to ease the transition from mother's milk to solid food.


DHA helps support the kitten’s cerebral development during gestation and lactation.
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