Maine Coon

Adult over 15 months oldBalanced and complete feed for adult cats - Specially for Maine Coon cats - Over 15 months old

special large jaw

This specially designed king size cube-shaped kibble is adapted to the large square jaw of the Maine Coon. The unique kibble encourages chewing to help support oral hygiene.

exclusive formula - taurine & omega 3 fatty acids

Exclusive formula - Taurine & Omega 3 fatty acids

joint support

The Maine Coon’s large size and grand stature can challenge joints throughout her life. JOINT SUPPORT Formulated to support healthy bones and joints. Enriched with EPA and DHA.

healthy heart

This diet contains nutrients, such as taurine and EPA & DHA which contribute to maintaining healthy cardiac muscle.

bone & joint health

The Maine Coon is the tallest and heaviest of pure breed cats. This imposing stature can put a strain on joints. This exclusive formula helps maintain the healthy bones and joints of this large breed cat. Formula enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA).

healthy skin & coat

The Maine Coon has a dense coat with a fine undercoat. This includes an exclusive combination of specific amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids) which help maintain skin and coat health.

special large jaw

'Emerald 10', a King Size tailor-made kibble adapted to the Maine Coon's unique large 'matchbox'-shaped jaw to encourage her to chew, which helps support oral hygiene.
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