Working Together with Breeders

For over 45 years, at all times and in all ways, cats and dogs have been at the centre of everything we do. Observing them, learning from them, respecting them and recognising their differences is quite literally our life’s work.

Our Commitment to Making a Difference

Royal Canin was founded on the principles of knowledge and respect for cats and dogs. And we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Our commitment is shown by the way we conduct our business - with quality controls, social responsibility and environmental friendliness - because respect for our people, our performance and our planet is at the heart of how we do business every day.

Our Commitment to Breeders

Royal Canin’s commitment to the world of breeding is very much evident in the strong relationships we have with breeders worldwide. We participate in thousands of events including the World Dog and the World Cat Congress.

Our participation at these events gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge with passionate professionals - like yourself - looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their cats and dogs.

Our Commitment to Knowledge

Royal Canin shares the knowledge we’ve acquired over many decades in a huge series of documents, brochures and books. And this new website gives us another great opportunity to share our knowledge with you.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We’re committed to delivering excellent customer service and breed-specific products and services to breeders throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We are in constant consultation with the world’s best minds and leading authorities in pet health nutrition – including breeders like yourself, veterinarians and the Waltham Centre of Pet Nutrition.

Our Commitment to You

We have worked closely with breeders in Australia since 2012 with the launch of our Breeders Club and our ProShop. Since then, we have developed close relationships with breeders across Australia and become an integral partner in the breeding and show world.

A few years ago we took several breeders to the Royal Canin Asia Pacific Dog Breeders Convention in Shanghai, China. We have developed partnerships with Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW and Dogs Qld and sponsored large events such as Canberra Royal, Spring Fair and the Top Dog competition.

We currently have over 4,000 Breeder Club members across Australia.

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