Our History

Our history dates back to 1967 when veterinarian Dr Jean Cathary first began producing dog food in order to cure recurrent eczema in German Shepherds.

Jean Cathary History

His aim was to start a nutritional revolution by formulating precise cat and dog health nutrition made to meet the needs of cats and dogs – not the desires of the pet owner.

Right from the early days of Royal Canin, Jean Cathary worked hard to build a close working relationship with breeders that continues with the company to this day.

He had the vision of a pet food grounded in science; based on the principles of acquiring knowledge about cats and dogs, while maintaining respect for them at all times.

Where We Are Today

Royal Canin remains at the cutting edge of cat and dog nutrition and we are the global leaders in developing specialised diets for cats and dogs.

Our work is enriched by our daily interaction with our partners - professional breeders and veterinarians - and by the ongoing research of scientists at Royal Canin. This has allowed us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and to bring the best health nutrition to cats and dogs. Royal Canin is now sold in well over 100 countries.

You, as a breeder live in close proximity to your cats and dogs and give them constant attention. Your insights, questions and observations have underpinned our research, which time and time again has produced breakthroughs in the field of feline and canine health and well-being, reproduction and breeding.

Where We Are Located


Our global head office was built in 1968 in the south of France and remains one of the world’s most advanced pet health nutrition manufacturing facilities.

In Australia, you’ll find Royal Canin hard at work at our head office in Melbourne - with team members based in all states.

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