Dog Nutrition

This section provides you with the theoretical and practical principles needed to understand how nutrition can benefit the breeding dog. This knowledge of nutrition can be applied on a daily basis in the kennel and shared with the people who buy your puppies. Nutrition is crucial for maintaining optimal health and providing the right nutrition for the right type of dog is a very important key to successful breeding. 

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Recommending Royal Canin? 6 Key points for Effective Recommendation

As breeders we know you understand the importance of precise nutrition for your puppies and kittens. But, with so many brands now available-...

A leap forward for joint support in large breed dogs

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It is a well-accepted fact that larger breed dogs and highly active breeds tend to be at a higher risk of developing joint issues such as arthritis...

Inner Health for Outer Beauty

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Royal Canin has long believed in the link between nutrition and overall health and well-being. In fact, our founder, Dr Jean Cathary, was...