Cat Reproduction

Reproduction is one of the essential roles of any successful breeding kennel.

Its success, however, is generally dependant on getting key elements, including: kennel environment, maintaining hygiene, managing stress, and organisation of the whelping area.

In this section, you will find articles addressing the key elements to help you master the art of successful breeding!

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Bad semen quality? This is what you need to check

Dog Article 2 AU
When you are about to perform an ultrasound exam on an animal, there’s always a quiet moment. A brief instant during which the world comes to a...

Optimising Reproduction in the Bitch

Optimising Reproduction
The art of breeding dogs can certainly be challenging at times and there is more and more research into this area as a result. Breeding...

The Genomic era

Genomic era
With the development of revolutionary genetic tools, breeders are able to better influence their breeding colony’s genetics. These...