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Photographer: Ffire Photography

Best in Show
CH. Picardy Point of View (Standard Poodle)
Owner: M. & L. Boyd & J. Foulds

Runner Up Best in Show
SUP.CH. Aboukir Toughen Up (Afghan Hound)
Owner: D. Day, R. SInclair & R. & S. Johansen

Puppy in Show
Khingsahl Black Allusion (Rottweiler)
Owner: H. Beasley

Best in Show
J.P. EE, CH. EE, JR CH., SUP CH. CALETTO FLY HIGH (Imp. Estonia) (Pharaoh Hound)
Owner: Besoff & Viirsalu

Runner Up Best in Show
SUP. CH. WALAMARA QUIK-OFF THE MARK (Imp. New Zealand) (Dobermann)
Owner: Alexander & Wissmer

Puppy in Show
Owner: Hall

Photographer: Champion Shots Photography

Best in Show
Am Gr Ch & Aust Ch Tiburcio Da Maya (IMP USA) (Standard Poodle)
Owner: G. Russell & M. Vanhoe

Runner Up Best in Show
Ch Nasailleen Tabloid Talk (IMP UK) (Toy Poodle)
Owner: Sintee Kennels

Puppy in Show
Jenuin Midnight Godess (Miniature Poodle)
Owner: D. Tudge