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Best in Show
SUP.CH. Beljekali Yor Majyk (AI) HT ET. (Belgian Shepherd Dog - Tervueren)
Owner: C. & J. Fynmore & M. Hutchinson

Runner Up Best in Show
SUP.CH. Calivale Katch Me If U Kan ET. (Keeshond)
Owner: B. Thompson & K. Santas

Puppy in Show
Aberdeen Royal Rival (Scottish Terrier)
Owner: W.H. & C.A. Goldsworthy

Photographer: Verity Adams

Best Exhibit in Show
Ch Eraky Clarity (Labrador Retriever)
Owner: K. & E. Charnock

Runner Up in Show
Ch Driftway Time N Again (Labrador Retriever)
Owner: G. Spagnolo

Puppy in Show
Morndew Paris With Love (Labrador Retriever)
Owner: H. Vardon

Earthdog of the Year
Dual. CH. (ED) Upinair Sun Line 'Amber' (Lakeland Terrier)
Owner: J. Powell

Runner Up Earthdog of the Year
CH. Neut. CH. Stardayne Royal Emperor SE. ME. 'Zac' (Dachshund - Miniature Smooth Haired)
Owner: J. Sharp